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Welcome to Hosen Yochien! We appreciate your interest in our school.
We hope that this information sheet covers all your questions.
Registration Fee 3year-old (3years educational interval) \90,000
4year-old (2years educational interval) \85,000
5year-old (1year educational interval) \80,000
The registration fee is a one time fee. If your child will start in the first year and attend the Yochien for 3 years then the fee is \90,000. If your child starts in the 4-years-old grade, the fee will be \85,000.If your child starts in the 5-years-old grade, only for 1year, the fee will be \80,000.
This fee is not refundable if you should decide to take your child out of the Yochien.
Registration Paperwork Fee \5,000
This fee is for the paperwork that must be done with the city.
Supply Kit Fee about \10,000
This is a one time fee for supplies. Each new year your child will be charged for additional supplies that they need. This Supply kit includes an emergency headcover, crayons, scissors etc... You cannot buy your supplies separate, your child must use the Japanese Supply Kit. Remember this is the Japanese way and all students must have the same school items.(You must write your child’s name on every item in the Supply Kit. The child’s name must be on each crayon, each plastic clay toy and other items in the kit.)
Utility Fee - \500/month
Monthly Tuition - \27,200
School Lunch Fee - \380/day
(A lunch 3times a week.)
Bus Fee - \3,600/month
The school bus is optional but it is great for those who live on the Army installation.
Uniform Fee - Boys &Girls about \20,000
Gymnastics Uniform Fee- Boys & Girls \3,200
This is a fee for one complete uniform. This includes a backpack, a shoes bag, a smock, and a shirt. If you want to purchase extra shirts, shorts, jackets or skirts, there will be an additional fee.
Additional Supplies-Your child will need a few other items that you can purchase at most of the Japanese department stores.
Personal things that your child need :
*Indoor Shoes
*Towel (You will need to sew a small loop on this)
*Seat Cover (For emergency use ) - This cover goes over the emergency head cover and your child uses it as a cushion.
*Obento bag (Lunch bag)
*Plastic cup
*Chopsticks or child’s fork and spoon
*Assorted decorative buttons(You must sew a small button at the top of the left- hand side of the jacket and a smock. This is so your child can identify his/ her jacket or smock.

Extended Child Care Program at Hosen Yochien

This extended child care program is to support parents when they are not available to care for their children after our normal school hours. Children normally spend energetic time at regular school hours, so we won’t be putting too much load to your child during this extended care hours.We will have a restful time and wait for parents to come pick them up. Please note in advance that in case you are late to pick up your child at the regular dismissal time, we would put your child to this program and we might have to charge you for the care.
Available days of the extended care and fees:
This program is only available Monday through Friday.
Type 1 : 14:00-17:00 \700 (monthly discouted fee per day \600)
Type 2 : 11:30-17:00 \900 (monthly discouted fee per day \800)
Type 2 : Please have your child bring his/her lunch & thermos.
Type 1 & 2 : Please have your child bring an extra smock.
Type 1 & 2 : The fees includes snacks.
It is OK to come pick up your child earlier, however there won’t be Refund for the care.
Who can be under this care:
Registered Hosen children only. As to Nensho(K3) children, we have to discuss with parents of the possibility of the care depending on how independent the child might be.
Child care Provider:
Specially assigned as an extended child care teacher who has kindergarten
teaching degree will watch your child. Other teachers might help for this
care when greater number of children are scheduled.
Places of the care :
This program will be taken place in the Sakura class which is designed for the care. As outside activities, school yard and court yard will be used for the play. Please come pick up your child directly to Sakura class Which entrance is located by the school bus garage.
Detail activities :
Outside play, Origami(folding papers), blocks, coloring & drawing, reading books, TV & Video viewing, and others.
Application & payment :
You can pick up the applications at the office. We can only accept the Application that was requested and filled out by the parents.
Consecutive care (monthly application) :
Please fill out the application and turn it in by 25 of the previous month.
We will figure out the fees and please make a payment by the end of the Previous month.
One day application :
Please turn in the application along with the fee in that morning.
Sudden need of the care :
We accept the request by the phone. Please fill out the application and Pay the fee when you come to Yochien to pick up your child. You can get the application from the school bus teachers and turn it in to Them, too.
Others :
Please don’t be late to pick up your child. We can only care for the children up to 5:00 PM. We can’t provide the care when your child is sick. In case Your child gets sick during this care, we contact you and please come pick up your child immediately. Please note that refund won’t be made in this case. Each child will be insured for injury. Please be noted that our policy may change in later time.
Extended Child Care Program at Hosen Yochien

Recruitment information for new kindergarten children for 2014

1. Recruitment age:
3 years old : K3, 4 years old : K4, 5 years old : K5,
2. Application for admission distribution:
October 15th (Tue) 2013, from 8:00 a.m.
3. Acceptance of application and admissions:
November 1st (Fri) (Time is written on the application)
4. Judging system:
An interview and simple test (sociality, adjustability etc)
Sports festival : October 12th (Sat) 2013, at Sagamidai elementary school field
In case of rain, October 13th (Sun) 2013, same place
There is a sporting event for new kindergarteners at 10:30 a.m. Please arrive early. The program will be handed out at information desk.
Orientation session: October 5th (Sat) Hosen kindergarten, 2F Hall
We will explain how and when the applications will be distributed. You won’t need to bring the children, if you do, child care will be provided during the orientation. The orientation will start at 10:30 and last about 30 minutes. Please bring slippers for you and bring room shoes for your child if possible. Please enter through the main entrance.

About enroll in the middle of the school year.

Q1、Can we enroll quickly?
A1,  Wehave many foreign students enroll through out the year.
Please call us for more information .
Q2、Do the students wear uniforms?
A2,  Yes,we recommend that you purchase uniforms and the other school supplies from our office.
However we do have uniforms that you can borrow for K-5.
Q3、Where can I purchase uniforms and can I get them quikly?
A3,  Yes,we have uniforms available for purchace at our office.
If you need to order uniforms it usually takes a week.
Q4、Can we tour the school?
A4,  Yes.Please call and make an appointment.
We encourage you to take a tour and see our students and teachers.
*Please come to our office to fill out an application.
 We can also send an application by mail.